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Verena Riefe was born in 1947.

While still a young child, she was very fascinated by painting and creative
design work.
After her training as a visual merchandiser, she studied fine art and design.
In this period she signed as Verena Franke.
Inspired by stays abroad in the 1980s, she designed and painted remarkable
silk creations which became very popular.
The Vebosi label , which was also used as signature on all other objects,
was created.
During her many years of experience as a teacher at a private educational
institution, she continuously offered creative projects.
The art objects created in this period went to various public institutions
as well as to private owners.
Verena Riefe works as a freelance artist in Meinersen.
In her artistic expression she does not restrict herself to any one style
of painting. Influenced by living in the countryside, her work frequently
reflects her observations of nature and the animal world and is often paired
with a portion of humour.
Her plastic works include sculptures, metal murals and mobile screens
which are used decoratively in living quarters and gardens.
Her current works are signed Rena Riefe.

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